AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin’s War of Genocide in Ukraine has Global Ramifications. Food insecurity threatens 100’s of millions & destabilizes our Global Economy, too! Read on….

By Putin invading a hostile Ukraine. He is not only threatening western democracies , he’s destabilizing worldwide consumption of grains. He’s destabilizing our Global economy as people all over the World lack the basic necessities of life: BREAD.

Remember what happened in Egypt when prices rose for Bread.

This War has to come to a quick end for the stabilization of food and economic security. It’s not a one to one conflict. Just like pollution, the lack of 1/3 rd of the Worlds grain causes great harm and 100’s of millions into food insecurity.

Ukrainian farmers must get their stored reserves to market now and must start planting this week. How can the plant with a War being waged in their Country?

Time to think about the long term consequences of this War and it’s effect on the entire Global Community.

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