AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 117: “Cancer/Traitors & Putin”

Who knows what’s motivating Putin now, to destroy the Ukrainians? He’s been destabilizing the West for years and we’ve helped him. 

  • Remember Putin’s Funding of Far Right Candidates in Western Countries, sowing destabilization? 
  • Remember Russian hacking of our Political Parties and his collaboration with Donald Trump? 
  • Remember Putin’s Hacking of our election process? 
  • Remember Remember the 6th of January? And the lies and disinformation continues. Because we no longer have Patriots, we have Oligarchs and special interest groups who prefer to line their own pockets rather than give a living wage to “We the People “. 

TrumpsGOP & Trump were complicit with Russian intelligence & have attempted to destroy our Democracy. Read my synopsis of The Mueller Report! Do you think they’re Patriots or Traitors? 

There are solutions to the Ukrainian invasion. Listen to my solutions and let me know if you agree? We’re not powerless! 

I also give some personal tips for coping with Radiation. Warning, these tips are at the beginning of my YouTube & may be triggering for some. 

Thank you for listening

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