AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV Clinical Update #108 with Dr Daniel Griffin. When speaking about Covid infections, the unvaccinated Black & Hispanic populations are most likely to require hospitalization and need Ventilator treatments or Totally succumb to the Virus. Minorities are at higher risk of Hospitalization and death from Covid and the least Vaccinated Group. Please get your Vaccinations and Vaccinate the entire family. Also, the third booster protects you against the Omicron Variant which is now prevalent. Countries I’m Africa may show low incidents of death because deaths are not counted. Be safe and Vaccinate. Next week Microbe TV will publish Dr Griffin’s clinical protocols. Meditation is on the shelf , for Covid patients, going unused. After Covid infection , wait 10 days and get your Vaccine dosage. You can’t be too careful. Be well!

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