AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 120: “Health/Tech/Peace”

Post Radiation, listen to a Nutritionist for good Gut health & buy Saccharomyces Bulardii manufactured by NOW.

For truthful Technology, listen to the EU’s
Legislation to curb tech power and misinformation.

To stop dependence on Russian liquified gas, the US and a consortium will supply 2/3rds of European power over 2 yrs.

Want to understand Putin’s connection with Trump and Trumps GOP, buy my book Shining a light on the Mueller Report. First send your inquiry to and then I’ll set up a mailing address to accept payment.

More on Putin’s War and Zelenskiy’s desire for a Global protest of Putin’s War. Let’s Protest for Peace on 4/15/22 Globally at 12 noon EST.

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