AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce War is hell on Earth! Zelenskiy accuses Russia of mining bodies and territories as they retreat to the Donbas region. Mariupol is cut off from humanitarian aid. 100,000 remain stranded without food and water. Russian troops confiscated tinned of fooddestined for Mariupol. Humanitarian aid blocked. Peace talks continue, though the bombing of Roseneft tanks may make Re supplies for Russia troops difficult. At this time, Russia conscripts young men for the Military. Zelenskiy begs them to stay home. What will be a turning point for Putin? When will he say enough? Over $700 Billion spent with no end in sight . EU not paying for Russian fuel with Roubles. War continues, destroying lives and our Planets resources. Many more will starve and die! The World needs a Legally binding Law to deter despotic destruction of other people and our supply chains.

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