Russia-Ukraine war: 50 people were burned alive in Mariupol – mayor

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce As the War crimes continue in Ukraine, Putin gears up to take more territory. Is there an active War Crimes tribunal? What or who will capture Putin and bring him to Justice for Crimes against Humanity. How long before the West stocks Zelenskiy with the weapons needed to deter Putin’s advances on Donbas? How can the 100,000 people, trapped in Mariupol be evacuated to safety. Ukraine is a testing ground for Russia Imperialism. It’s a clash of ideology. Putin refuses to give up the old order and wants super powers , not globalization. To “win” , he will destroy the food supply of the Middle East & Africa. Interrupt global supply chains. I suggest, the West get the weapons to Zelenskiy immediately, there is an urgency to preventing carnage.

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