AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin’s choice of War now, impacts many in the Middle East and Africa. . A 34% increase in grains and cooking oil is destabilizing Nations as people protest the rise in prices. China, depends on Ukrainian barley for livestock that feeds the Chinese people. Kurt wheat destined for World markets can’t leave the Ports for overseas markets. This will create food insecurity for millions. Israeli warehouses are full of fresh fruits and vegetables consigned to the Ukraine , that can’t reach its destination. Putin’s War crimes extend beyond his atrocities , to famine everywhere. Compounding crimes against humanity. A trillion Dollars spent on Modernizing Russia would have improved Russian life. However, with a higher standard of living, people are less likely to believe Putin’s propaganda. In Putin’s brai, it’s far better to destroy Nations than care for Russian people. The cost in any other human life has no with to Putin.

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