AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin’s autocracy knows no bounds. He doesn’t care about free speech or the needs of the People. A Siberian journalist can be sentenced to 10-15 yrs for reporting 11 soldiers didn’t want to go to Ukraine. Now, Putin is acknowledging the sinking of his Battle Ship by Ukrainian forces and wants to annihilate Kyiv! $1 Trillion spent on a War that will plunge the Globe into Recession , destabilize Nations and cause famine in many Countries. Putin, Why can he hold the World hostage? Why would the French consider LePen, a Putin acolyte for the Presidency. A populace in name only. A Repressionist by Nature. Just like Trump. Don’t make a mistake, when you have the chance, vote against Putin & LePen or Putin and Trump. Deadly combinations for Democracies.

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