AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 123: “Equality (Personal Stories)”

Happy Holidays to everyone. All 3 religions celebrating at the same time.

Bet you never thought equality was a new social order. It is. The Great Redistribution of wealth occurred from 1914-1980. The rest of the time, most people lived under a feudal system or were enslaved. Did you know Reparations were given to slave holders. Never to workers.

Listen to my stories to understand the glorious age of Labor in America. For me it started after WWll when my father went from becoming a laborer to a large Union Shop Owner.

I, too, benefitted from the assent of Labor. It’s up to all of us, Globally, to redistribute wealth to the Laboring Classes once again. It a new experiment when you look at centuries of enslavement. However, Labor is ascendant again and the great redistribution of wealth must continue to perpetuate the Human Race.

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