AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Senate votes to pass $40 Billion Aid package to Ukrainians !

Breaking News: US aid going to Zelenskiy as promised! Bringing total aid to $54 Billion.

Russia concentrating on controlling Ukrainian Coastline , while declaring victory in the Donbas region. Though they haven’t taken the Donbas region and been repelled, repeatedly.

It appears their real objective is to cut off Ukrainian Ports and destroy Ukraine’s economy. However, with few troops and backlash from the Ukrainian people, heavy opposition is expected.

In Global politics, when you won’t feed your people, War is preferable to Peace.

Morocco and Algiers may be at War soon as well. A made up story over Gas pipelines? Meanwhile, each has spent close to $5 Billion on armaments. Proving once again, when you have corrupt dysfunctional Government, why improve the lives of your citizens. People according to the Powerful, are pawns and expendable.

When do the People say , Enough!

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