AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Yes, America is slaughtering our youth and its not about ideology. The Founding Fathers would never approve of the money accepted by today EXTREME GOP. NRA money, gun lobbyists money goes only to the GOP . If a small Corporation , like Daniels, gives $100,000. To the GOP PAC and money separately to McCarthy in the House andSenators , who is profiting? They’re profiting directly from the death of our children. When only 4 or 5 GOP stand for Gun Legislation, the rest are being influenced by the money. It’s money not ideology that talks. Furthermore, it’s odd that Trump spoke at the NRA, demanding no guns in his audience? Money talks ! And innocent children and teachers die. Today a school, tomorrow a concert. Propaganda, money and weapons kill. File a class action Lawsuit to stop the carnage in our Country. Life is more important than an expanded version of the Constitution, that not even the Late Antonin Scalia sanctioned.

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