AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 133: “States Vs. Us”

If you’re wondering who to blame for your lack of food, water or wages, look to your State Legislators, they’re controlling your rights, your lives and your livelihood.

Can the Federal Government codify new Laws to make us Safe? You bet. Will they?

Will they increase gun safety, considering the Supreme Court decision?

What happens when we’re confronted with Climate heating, Opioid deaths, poor wages, no water or food? There are solutions.

What other Supreme Court ruling will dishearten 83% of our population? You guessed it overturning Roe v Wade.

Much To talk about. For Labor rights, it’s state Laws that are keeping you poor. Vote State Legislators out of office who prefer Corporate Largesse to the votes of “We the People“

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