AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia controls 22% of Ukrainian farmland. Russian offensive strategy remains the same as they prepare to advance on the Ukrainian stronghold in Donbas. They might even take troops from Mariupol. Meanwhile, Ukrainian troop movements are more nimble. With new weapons, Ukraine prepares to fight back. Is the new artillery a game changer for the Ukrainian people & our Planet? Last year 2.3 billion suffered from food insecurity & famine. Ukrainian grains must travel to their destination or famine will increase.

As a concerned citizen of our World, this War has to end quickly. The use of fossil fuels is burning our fields and less food is going to market. The Ukrainian war is exacerbating our Climate Crisis, causing heat domes over one region, derechos in other regions and uncontrollable fires.

Without parallel energy systems in place to supplant Fossil Fuels we’re doomed to suffer from Weather Extremes. Innovation begins now. As a Planet, we’re all connected Global players, fighting for a better life. Getting there takes a belief in our ability to survive and thrive.

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