TheVoiceOfJoyce Disinformation is ripping our Country apart. It’s a National Security Issue. It’s effecting every facet of our Society and Concentrates Money and Power for a FEW!

Based on a NY Times article, Homeland Security is concerned & they should be. Disinformation started with The Russian Internet Research Agency in 2015 and continues today on Social Media Platforms Fox News and Chat Rooms. Understanding their origin is necessary in order to Regulate falsehoods.

Disinformation Has Become Another Untouchable Problem in Washington

Numerous federal agencies agree that widely promoted falsehoods threaten the nation’s security.

According to internal Homeland Security Department documents that established the board, they include crises ripped from today’s headlines: Misinformation that undercuts public health emergencies. Human traffickers who sow falsehoods to steer immigrants on dangerous journeys across the southern border. Conspiracy theories that beget violence against state and local election workers. “ direct from the Times article’. A fraction of the enormous amounts of lies created, leading to violence and our deaths.

Make no mistake: This is not a free speech issue. Misinformation controls truthful free speech and free will.

Understanding the AI behind misinformation is one key to its elimination. Understanding people’s motives is easy. Power and the accumulation of money at the expense of free will!

Look at our Laws: Restriction of Voting Rights, Uncontrolled Use of Guns, Low Vaccination Rate, Loss of Women’s Rights, failure to reduce Pollution, toxic products. Who gains? Not “ We the People “. Who gains from restricting “We the Peoples “ Rights? Who is restricting those Rights?

Look around you, if you’re able to detach yourself from your Media! Who is gaining from your misery? Others like you? Others with a different mindset? Or is it, those you’ve looked up to and trusted? If you won’t allow yourself to think, feel ! Who is really causing your pain? Who is really fueling your hatreds, instead of promoting your happiness? They’re the ones dividing our Country and taking away all our Rights, including the Right to pursue life , liberty & happiness!

Solutions exist when everyone is ready to listen!

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