AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 138: “Politics & NYC Lives”

Anyone who writes the NYC obituary, hasn’t discovered our amazing free outdoor event spaces. I’m happy to relate my awesome experiences last night!

Trying to escape #Politics is not possible for me. It seems the Cabbies Target me for interaction with Trumpists. I heard the Buzz words before and now have an extensive response to them.

They’re parroting the words without any understanding of what they’re saying. I’ll explain in my YouTube with a caution: a decent politician who wants the best for his or her constituents, has become a Target for the GOP and big Corporate Money. Big Corporate #money is happy to destroy the reputation of DEMS and moderate Republicans. Big Corporate Money is unlimited and they’re unacceptable for their actions. It wasn’t always this way. We had scientific think tanks attached to Congress, offering advice and expertise.

When do we go back to espousing principles that help “we the People“?

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