TheVoiceOfJoyce We can pretend all we want, our World is not sustainable for most. Millennials in Britain are spending more than 1/2 their salaries on living costs. In America the young may have jobs and professionals in their 40’s+ , don’t have jobs. We make life intolerable for illegal immigrants, many employed and Silicon Valley and other Corporations want other immigrants to have” green cards”. Why not employ skilled IT professionals in America? They’re available, they can do work remotely? No country appears to value their own people. The Pandemic isn’t over! It’s still a big deal. I know a young woman , 8 months pregnant, in ICU, after a baby shower. Their outcomes are undetermined. She was boosted and vaccinated. The Disinformation & misinformation about the Vaccine, has worked to prevent the majority from being Vaccinated. This is tragic, 450 a day are dying and we’ll continue to create mutations in the population , unless the majority cooperates and gets their jabs, to save others lives. Additionally ,most People require monetary relief. The original For the Families Act was a start. Rent relief for everyone is a necessity along with more food stamps for those in need. Our food pantries are overwhelmed. As we jostle with Foreign Powers for Semi conductors, remember we have 360 million in America and 80% are barely surviving!

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