AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce From the FT, article can’t be shared more than 3 times, sorry. It’s interesting to note because of the intense heat and forest fires, we’ve depleted our Carbon reserves for a 100 yrs. The Guardian reports, Carbon Emissions are definitely the result of our use of Fossil Fuels and our preferred way of life. Whether we want to change or not, our Weather is changing, leaving us vulnerable to the health effects of added pollution carried by smoke. Our crops are being decimated by intense heat. The costs of doing nothing are escalating. Why must we pursue an energy policy that no longer favors the survival of the many? We have immediate solutions, we can implement. Solar and wind energy are barely utilized and they’re cheap to install and we know the power interfaces exist to integrate these technologies into our existing grid. Why not offer Tax credits for implementation? When the World was in lockdown, we reduced our CO2 emissions and saw instant benefits. Imagine what we can achieve, when we’re serious about reducing our Carbon footprint?

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