AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Scientists are absolutely sure Extreme Weather conditions and Extreme Heat are man made and our collective suffering is worse than all our models. At a rise of 1 degree Celsius, the World is barely able to survive with severe heat, drought and loss of life and crops. Imagine the cost in lives, property and resources as the temperature rises another degree. Don’t expect a neat linear progression of Climate warming, going forward. The surge in heat , deaths and property destruction is slated to be exponential. Can we afford not to act now? Our losses are in the $100 Billions. How much money ( Subsidies), do citizens have to continue paying the Fossil Fuel Industry, as they record Record Profits? When do we say enough to the Trillion Dollar Subsidies that are destroying our resources, and our lives? There is a 100% correlation between Fossil Fuel consumption, CO2 Emissions-and Planet heating extremes. Our Climate emergency is now! Passage of our first down payment, (The Inflation Reduction Act) on green technology , will help America achieve a 40% reduction in CO2 Emissions by 2030,

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