TheVoiceOfJoyce Quiet quitting is happening at an unprecedented level in many Countries at once. People are unhappy at work, feel unsupported and underpaid and they’re showing their dissatisfaction by quietly doing the minimum. The Pandemic is a factor, however, in America, the bare bones approach to staffing, has left many employees dissatisfied. They’re rebelling quietly. No overtime, no enthusiasm, doing the bare minimum to get by. Corporate Culture , as defined by the Market Society, is not sustainable. Corporations need the Middle Managers back, that they fired in cost savings, to maintain a balanced work ethic. Employees are in need of better pay and respect for a job well done. Until the Middle Class is resurrected and those in their 40+ , 50’s + reinstated, Corporations will remain places to spend time, collect a check and leave. There is no loyalty, unless it’s reciprocated. Bring back Middle Managers and lessen everyone’s burden!

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