AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 139: “Fun v. War Pestilence & Famine”

It’s all about the heat, extremes in heat causing loss of life & freedom of movement. Corporate absolutism vs. People Power. The People come first. Where are Laws curbing Corporate abuses? The new Program coming out of the Democratic Congress gives me hope. Incentives for alternative energy, low prescription pricing and more credits to ease peoples lives.

Don’t vote reflexively. Vote for representatives who will care about making your life better. Why suffer from heat extremes, floods & smoke? Why suffer from burnout, when we need pay with dignity? There can be Laws to make our lives better. Corporate absolutism must end to make way for human rights and longevity. We can have our rights and freedom, when we vote for what we need!

Think about your life when you register to vote and Vote. Then think which candidate will really represent me.

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