TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia takes territory by shooting Ukrainians. 50,000 are dead in one Northern Donbas town. Many were shot and hastily buried. Moscow moving troops to the Southern Ports and continues to shell, the occupied Nuclear Power Plant. Nuclear sensors in one area are now no longer operative. Meanwhile, routes for grain remain open to prevent starvation in Ethiopia. The Ukrainians hope to move 3 million tons of grains, etc, a month. Sweden and Finland have become Ukrainians newest Allie’s. Among the backdrop of War, every major oil Corporation has made $49+ Billion profit per quarter. Though our Planet and all people realize, the age of oil usage is coming to an end, the oil production continues and continues to create enormous wealth in the short term. Let’s not forget oils toll on people, property and natural resources! There are more efficient and cheaper methods to Piwer our World.

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