TheVoiceOfJoyce Indoor vertical farming is developing rapidly in America. Even Walmart is investing in Vertical Farms and selling their vegetables in stores. The big problem is energy usage. The renewable grid hasn’t caught up to vertical farming and greenhouse farming in America. The pluses are use of LED lighting, freshness locally and 70-95% less water. Zero contamination from bacteria. The models have room for growth and positions vertical farms in industrial parks, close to cities. No fertilizer, no Carbon emissions. In fact, where emission’s must be trapped, these farms can safely use their power. Vertical farms, like renewables, are an evolving industry with room for improvement on quality production with low priced clean energy. It’s part of our future. The Netherlands already supplies the EU with fresh produce. More vegetables, high in protein will evolve and be used in Vertical Farming. Like Solar Power and other renewables, this industry is nascent and a necessary supplement to todays, field crops.

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