TheVoiceOfJoyce Think food insecurity is affecting 135 million people Globally because of Climate extremes or the War in Ukraine? Think again. 3-4 Corporations are controlling food prices, because they can increase profits. 3 multinationals are also controlling the pricing of Chemicals. Monopolies control retail pricing and cause inflation. Where are anti trust laws and/ or windfall profit taxes?

The Guardian revealed this week that the ABCD companies (Archer-Daniels-Midland, Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus) – which control 70-90% of the global grain trade – have been making a record bonanza as food prices have soared in the wake of the Ukraine war. It appears that some have also been increasing their profit margins, further putting the squeeze on consumers.

Campaigners are concerned that seeds and agricultural chemicals are similarly controlled by a handful of companies, with just three multinationals – Bayer-Monsanto, Dupont-Dow and Chem-China Syngenta – controlling 60% of the trade. Among retailers there has also been consolidation, with only 10 grocery businesses accounting for half of all food sales in the EU.

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