TheVoiceOfJoyce Why we need a Federal Voting Rights Law, to curtail the abuses of power by the States. How will the majority vote against those in Power, when so many are barred from voting by State Law? In this next election, everyone who can vote, must vote, to save our Democracy. Then, perhaps we can reclaim our Democracy and advance together as a Nation, one Nation indivisible. Down with State fiefdoms and feudal society, it’s time for the majority to lead! In the meantime, why can’t we the People, get an injunction against these discriminatory laws? Who is there to fight for the rights of the poor and marginalized? Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, BRENNAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE, THE MARSHALL PROJECT? Step up? If 16% are disqualified in Mississippi from voting, how many are prevented from voting in other States? Some State Laws are being used to prevent poor and middle class citizens from voting, the Rule of Law has been weaponized to curtail our rights. Who will fight for those without a voice?

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