AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 141: Business Unusal”

Corporations and Politics, especially Republican Politics have become seamless. It’s a win win for Corporate unaccountable power and a loss for “We the People”. I’ll tell you Why.

Corporations are heralding in the 2nd Gilded Age, making us part of a new Feudal Society. A society where Labor has no Right. A society without Federal Control of Corporate Power and an understaffing of Institutions that protect us.

Learn how 156 individuals & their Corporations and Jones Day, a NY Law firm infiltrated the courts and espouse “New Republicanism“ and Corporate Power.

There’s much to concern us. The Power of the Federal Government is not an entity to be feared. Be afraid of the unaccountable Corporations! Be skeptical of the New Republicans, they’re not our friends.

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