AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce More on Leonard Leo, head of the wealthiest Conservative foundation, the person, we never knew existed, till now. He was a friend and helped elevate, Clarence Thomas to the Supreme. Now through is Federalist Foundation, he has successfully nominated members to the Supreme Court, judges who espouse voter suppression and State Gerrymandering. He helped overturn Roe v Wade. Can his power be stopped? He and his constituents don’t represent the majority of Americans. They won’t recuse themselves from voting rights determinations or other Laws that help “ We the People”. Leonard Leo and his foundation stand for big money, wielding power, to suppress the rights of “We the People”. Reject their Gilded Age approach, the feudalism they bring and vote them out of office. If this is the new Republicanism, reject them before they destroy the rights of Americans, in order to preserve the rights of the top 1% as a ruling class.

Among other things, Leo is pushing a contentious legal theory that the US constitution gives state legislatures the power to decide how to run elections without intervention from the courts. The Honest Elections Project has made multiple legal submissions on the issue with the aim of removing the power of state courts to block gerrymandering and voter suppression measures to manipulate elections.

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