TheVoiceOfJoyce Ben-Gurion stated “ it’s in the Negev that the creative and pioneering vigor of Israel will be tested. He lived out his last days in the Negev. Today the Negev thrives with Technology start ups and vintners. Wine is being made once again, after a 1500 year hiatus. Evidence of the ancient wineries have been found. Today’s modern technology and drip irrigation precisely control water to grapes. They are picked at dawn when the temperatures are coolest. Israeli vintners in this region are confident their model can be replicated and are looking to share their knowledge with Europe, as they produce wines, in a hotter climate.

With some 325 days of sunshine and little annual rainfall, the desert vines depend on drip irrigation, an innovation developed by another Negev collective in the 1960s that allows the farmer to tightly control the amount of water.

Desert vineyards also come with some natural advantages.

At night the temperatures drop steeply, even in midsummer, benefiting the vines. With low humidity, the Negev vines are exposed to few pests and fungi and require little pesticide spraying, making much of the wine production close to organic.

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