AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Vineyards are collaborating with Silicone Valley, to develop Robots, to pick the grapes. While investing in Robots, invest in Union Labor and putting workers on a path to citizenship, too. When you want to create easier tasks for workers, tap into their talent and give them the chance to work with you. You’ll increase your productivity with humane cooperation. Humans are still necessary to sort the fruit and assure quality. They’re also necessary to confirm the proper timing for picking grapes. Don’t forget the people who worked for you for generations, they deserve benefits and a retirement package, through Unionization.

mechanization brought into tomato harvesting in the 1960s resulted in an estimated 32,000 farm workers losing their jobs and pushing hundreds of small farms out of business. Writing on the impact of automation of tomato processing in a 1978 article for the Nation, the farm labor leader Cesar Chavez highlighted the human cost of this “wonderful technology”.

“Research should benefit everyone, workers as well as growers,” he wrote.

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