TheVoiceOfJoyce Zelensky visits the front lines at Izium inspecting the damage done by Russian troops. There’s evidence, Russia is using Iranian drones and no one is sure of their capabilities. Russian troops have been captured, retreating from Ukraine with Ukrainian cars, food, and furniture from storage bins. After recapturing and flying the Ukrainian flag over the towns, Zelensky is prepared to move further into Russian controlled territory in the Donbas. The Kharkiv region and 3100 sq km liberated. Ukrainian forces will continue their offensive. No word on the Ports, where Russia was prepared to do battle. Day 203 ended with Pope Francis, stating, “God does not guide religions towards war.”

Pope Francis, at a summit of religious leaders in Kazakhstan, has said that God does not guide religions towards war in what appears to be an implicit criticism of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, who has backed the invasion of Ukraine.

Last Updated: 06:48 Wednesday, 14 September 2022

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