AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Again, another Agency is compromised by asking for Fees? Why should the FDA negotiate Fees with the Pharmaceutical Industry? The Agency should set a Standard Fee Structure for Pharmaceuticals, New Products, Generics, Devices and compounding centers. There are no revolutionary products being generated. Ask the Patent Attorneys! Yet, not surprisingly, Republican Senator Burr, wants to continue Pharmaceutical self regulation. He doesn’t want oversight of the Corporations. Aren’t we the People, entitled to save money on generics and see real breakthroughs in Cancer research and therapies? New cures aren’t part of the big Pharmaceutical plan, they like tweaking old drugs for 20 yrs., rather then investing in R&D. I know, my Chemo Infusion was the same broad spectrum my friends got, 20 yrs ago. Let’s stop expensive maintenance and develop cures. There are many of us who want to lead long lives. We can do it, if we take the burden off the FDA and restore their funding for personnel. We need inspection and accountability. Are you aware, there was no regulation that assured FDA inspection of Abbott Labs and their Baby Formula? Imagine how quickly they could have been on line? At Pfizer , 40 yrs ago, we were back on line, no contaminated product reached the Public, the P3 facility reassembled and working, in 12 hrs. That was 40 yrs ago?

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