AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Zelensky’s counteroffensive is proceeding. The retaking of Kharkiv and Kherson has provoked Putin to action. He sent 8 missiles to destroy a civilian dam , Zelensky’s homeland. Home to 650,000 flooding occurred initially and many are reversing the missiles destruction. The Counteroffensive is at Donbas and will continue. Countries relying on Russian support ,in the caucuses, are not being supported and skirmishes are breaking out on Armenia’s border, the Kazakhstan border, all regions under Russian protection. Russia is monitoring a cease fire in Kazakhstan, averting sending Russian troops. Clearly, Russian troops are stretched, however, missiles sent to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure cause great damage and necessitate a deterrent. War is destruction and every time it occurs, civilized people can’t understand why it’s happening. Why now? Why, when collectively, we have so many other real issues to concern us? The Climate Crisis is exacerbated by this War.

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