TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 214 the Counteroffensive was quick and effective. The weather, heavy rain and mud will make the next advances more difficult. 4 major regions remain under Russian occupation. Referendums have started and will go through Tuesday. Many Ukrainians are no longer in these towns, they were evacuated months ago. Conscription of Russian men isn’t going well in Russia, many are fleeing Russia for the West and protests are everywhere. China and India have lost patience with Russia’s War and are urging Putin to accept a ceasefire and negotiated Peace. Almost 5 million tons of wheat have left Ukraine and more ships are loaded for transport to Africa. Before the War , Ukraine was able to ship 6 million tons of grain a month. Russia uses torture, cluster bombs and Iranian drones to destroy the Ukrainian counteroffensive and captured “spies”. Imagine stabbing a British prisoner while in custody? Let’s hope, with unrest at home, Putin will entertain a ceasefire ? It’s not likely. More likely, he’ll take these months to use Ukrainian conscripts and train whoever must serve from Russia. In any case, the battle is uphill for Putin. He’s lost the War, no matter how much territory, he claims is Russian.

On that note, one of the five Britons released by Russia this week after being detained in Ukraine for months has given his first interview to the media.

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, 28-year-old Aiden Aslin said he was stabbed while being kept in solitary confinement.

“I never thought I’d get out alive,” he told the paper.

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