TheVoiceOfJoyce The Ukrainian Russian War gets more complicated daily. On day 216, Putin is calling no up troops and they’re not going to be conscripted readily. Many young Russians have been jailed (2600), for avoiding War. The lines of Russians escaping to Georgia, Estonia & Zaporizhzhia are increasing. Once the Russians get to the towns holding referendums, will they fight for Ukraine? On Friday, Putin addresses Parliament, sealing the fate of his newly formed colonies & 15% of Ukrainian territory. Ukrainians are not giving up on their Counteroffensive and there’s intense fighting in 3 regions. The UN declares Russia has committed War Crimes and the Japanese ambassador was held in Russia for hours of interrogation before being released and making matters worse for Europe, the Nordstrom pipeline has sprung leaks between Sweden and Denmark, complicating their deteriorating energy supply. War’s end depends upon Zelensky and not Putin. Support for a free sovereign Ukraine continues to grow.

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