TheVoiceOfJoyce There is a direct link between poverty, obesity and diseases. In the last few months, 20% of adult Americans were food insecure, they’re unable to purchase a healthy diet. Food prices have increased 13%, yet wages haven’t kept pace with inflation. Odd, America’s policies have become draconian, as we cater to Corporations controlling supply chains. Remember, the for the Families Act, the legislation could have provided additional money for food security, why wasn’t it passed with universal pre K, for 3 and 4 yr olds? Education and additional cash for necessities, are a way out of poverty. Is there no one ready to repair our broken systems?

Inflation is pushing healthy eating out of reach for millions of people like Hart, a trend that public health experts worry could increase their risk for diet-related diseases in the long run. Over the past year, grocery prices have risen rapidly as agricultural supply chains bowed under the pressure of food scarcity, labor shortages and high fuel costs.

By the end of July, the cost of eating food at home had increased by more than 13% compared to the same period a year ago, according to the Consumer Price Index. According to a survey conducted by the Urban Institute in June and July, more than 20% of adults reported experiencing food insecurity within the past 30 days, an increase of more than 6% from spring of last year.

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