TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia can’t annex territory it no longer occupies. The Ukrainian counteroffensive is moving so fast, the Russians can only get out of the way. The people, of the Czech Republic, have crowdsourced a “Tank” for the Ukrainian army, as their gift to Putin. Meanwhile, the Chief administrator of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant has been released by the Russians. Encouraging turn of events. Kudos to Zelensky and their military planners. Another Russian Major General has been dismissed. This is my reporting on the news for today. Day 221 and counting!

ur ‘annexed’ Ukrainian provinces

Russia no longer has full control of any of the four provinces of Ukraine it says it annexed last week after Ukrainian troops reportedly advanced dozens of kilometres in Kherson province in the south of the country and made additional gains in the east.

On Monday, the Russian military acknowledged that Kyiv’s forces had broken through in the Kherson region. It said the Ukrainian army and its “superior tank units” had managed to “penetrate the depths of our defence” around the villages of Zoltaya Balka and Alexsandrovka.

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