TheVoiceOfJoyce Flock is one system, of many technology corporations, that share criminal data with the police and others. Facebook, Google, GPS, VERIZON, other service providers share data with 3 rd parties, that is how these companies make a profit. If you’re concerned about your privacy, advocate for a change in Section 230 of the Communications Act and restore our rights to our data.

License plate reader companies are just one of several tech companies that are facing scrutiny for the ways in which they provide data or technology to law enforcement seeking to prosecute abortion cases. In August, for instance, Facebook came under fire for providing Nebraska police with the private messages between a mother and daughter who were being investigated for allegedly conducting an illegal abortion.

The information collected by companies like Flock is particularly alarming, experts say, because it can help police paint a deeply detailed picture of the movements of specific vehicles and individuals.

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