TheVoiceOfJoyce It’s impossible to speak about the War in Ukraine, the destruction, caused by one despot, Putin, and think about our Carbon footprint and how it’s effecting us. East Antarctica is warming , too. Once protected, the Denman ice shelf is losing 7 Billion Tonnes of ice per yr. When the inner core starts to melt, sea levels will rise 1.5 meters. Like all events , weather patterns, will warm and become extreme . We’ve seen the recent effects of Hurricane Ian in Florida and the flooding in Pakistan. The World has been warned. Putin’s illegal act of aggression is effecting our Planet negatively. Stop the carnage and force a speedy retreat. Climate Change and it’s mitigation effects us all.

The Denman ice shelf in east Antarctica is melting at a rate of 70.8bn tonnes a year, according to researchers from Australia’s national science agency, thanks to the ingress of warm sea water.

The CSIRO researchers, led by senior scientist Esmee van Wijk, said their observations suggested the Denman glacier was potentially at risk of unstable retreat.

The glacier, in remote east Antarctica, sits atop the deepest land canyon on Earth. It holds a volume of ice equivalent to 1.5m of sea level rise.

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