TheVoiceOfJoyce Need another reason not to vote Republican in the midterms, at least 3 GOP States, Arkansas and South Dakota, are attempting to limit citizen balloting. For instance, they want only one ballot initiative and a 60% majority to pass it. In South Dakota the 60% threshold was voted down. Arizona GOP Legislators have gone a step further, they want to alter citizen language on the ballot, too? As it is, citizen ballot measures, have been made more expensive in Arizona, with GOP counter suits. However, citizens did legalize marijuana and pass a minimum wage.

They join a national trend of GOP-initiated attempts to curtail citizen-led ballot measures. In Arkansas, voters will weigh a measure to require a 60% majority for most ballot measures. And in South Dakota in June, voters rejected a 60% threshold for tax measures, which would have made it more difficult for voters to approve Medicaid expansion at the ballot this November.

“What we’re seeing is red states trying to curtail this tool that citizens have used really successfully to move policies that are otherwise stuck for, usually, political reasons,” said Hannah Ledford, deputy executive director and campaigns director for the Fairness Project.

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