AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Know the truth and share it! TrumpsGOP (3) talking points, according to Robert Reich: 1. IRS Audit: no need to fear IRS audits unless you’re making well above $400,000/year. The IRS objective is to reclaim revenue lost to tax evasion by the ultra wealthy, totaling Trillions of $’s. 2. Inflation in America is caused primarily by unaccountable Corporate Greed. Every Corporation has raised prices above their costs. Up until the last 20 yrs, no one raised prices quickly, if you were a responsible Corporation, you waited 6 months and protected your customers. Labor is not the culprit, they’re unable to keep pace with inflation. Their wages are falling behind inflation. They can benefit from increased wages and Unionization. Major American Corporations are short sighted, unaccountable and resistant to change. They’re making more profits than they did in the 50’s. 3. Crime is up? Gun crime is up in Republican states and that’s because more guns are readily accessible. Thailand has just seen another mass murder of children in school and they’ve concluded, it’s because their Laws are lax on guns, addictive substances and they have no Red Flag Laws. Three Republican talking points and why their concern? Follow the money, Corporations contribute heavily to GOP candidates, they don’t want to hurt their Constituents. “We the People “, are not their constituents.

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