Elections Officials Facing Unprecedented Challenges — ProPublica

Huff is hardly the only election official struggling to stand up to those who believe the voting system is rigged; such confrontations have dramatically unfolded across the country, from Hood County, Texas, to Floyd County, Georgia, to Nye County, Nevada. Her circumstances illustrate how the efforts to target her are part of a larger playbook, with tactics that are replicated throughout the country.

“Election officials in small rural offices are absolutely more vulnerable,” said Paul Manson, who studies the demography of election officials and serves as the research director for the Elections & Voting Information Center at Reed College. Because such offices have fewer resources, Manson said, they have a harder time adapting to the increasingly controversial nature of election administration in the United States. These types of offices also represent the vast majority of the nation’s roughly 10,000 election jurisdictions, according to Manson’s research, with 48% of offices staffed by only one or two people and an additional 40% having between two and five. (Huff’s office has four full-time staff members, including her.)
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TheVoiceOfJoyce. Unfortunately, election deniers and Stop the Steal campaigns are abusing civil servants and interfering with the Democratic process. Federal Funding that has been designated for election staffing has gone to the Counties leaving election officials underfunded and subject to harassment. In GOP controlled states there is no help for election officials. They need protection from deniers who turn abusive and take up their time and space. There are 10,000 rural communities in the US, exactly like Surry NC and organized groups , supporting the Insurrection, insist the voting machines are faulty, when it’s a proven fact, our machines work. Why can’t the Federal Government stop this harassment and inappropriate distribution of Federal Funds? Everyone must vote and not let this far right GOP continue to control your State. Take back your representation with your vote. No one will hurt you! Go with friends and vote.

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