TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 254, Russian forces are demoralized, yet, we have no proof they’re leaves Kherson. Too many conflicting stories. The Ukrainian counteroffensive pushes through Kherson and many civilians remain. The next days should confirm what’s happening on the ground. In an effort to save face with the Global South, Putin is offering is own wheat for free. The Ukrainian deal through mixed messages, appears to be proceeding as well. Kyiv is without electricity, but not humbled. They’ve just released a commemorative stamp, of the Crimean Bridge as it prepares for destruction ,on November 4 th. This coincides with Russia’s United day. Russian politicians keep saying, they’re invading Ukraine, to stamp out Satanism? Who thinks in those terms in the modern World? Do you believe, fairy tales can justify Genocide? When Stalin finished collectivizing Ukrainian farms 4 million Ukrainians died. When does the carnage end? The fighting continues and the G7 are planning the rebuild. In Kharkiv, over 340 land mines have been disabled. The Russian army is less concerned with holding territory and more concerned with inflicting devastation andGenocide. They will pay for their War Crimes.


Due to low morale and reluctance to fight, Russian forces have probably started deploying units threatening to shoot their own retreating soldiers, according to the UK Ministry of Defence. An intelligence report released early this morning described these Russian units as “barrier troops” or “blocking units” used to compel offensives.

Oleh Synyehubov, governor of Kharkiv, has said that yesterday in Izium a 69-year-old man was blown up by a mine and hospitalised with moderate injuries. In a message on Telegram, he said that in the last day Ukrainian forces had neutralised “471 explosive objects” in the region.

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