TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin will not stop his destruction of Ukraine. 11/15/22. Winter is here!

Like Stalin and Hitler before Putin, he won’t be satisfied or appeased , until the last Ukrainian dies. Putin isn’t interested in occupation, he’s committing Genocide. Now he’s bombed Poland. Does it matter that he denies culpability? Moldova had to disconnect from the power Grid? Another casualty of Putin’s war of aggression. Is there no point when the World says enough?

Doesn’t the World want to know if this barrage of missiles were Russian or Iranian? If Iranian, that regime is ready for toppling, too!

100 missiles in one day fired on Ukrainian cities, leaving citizens to starve and freeze to death. How can NATO and the World stand by and watch this carnage?

Stray Russian missiles were feared to have crossed into Poland on Tuesday, in what would be the first time Nato territory has been struck during the Ukraine war, as the Kremlin unleashed an intense attack on Ukraine that left 7m homes without power.

Two people were killed in an explosion in an eastern Polish village, prompting the government in Warsaw to hold an emergency meeting – while the 100-missile attack on Ukraine was so serious that power supplies in a third country, Moldova, were also cut.

The explosion in Poland destroyed a tractor in the village of Przewodów, about 40 miles (65km) from the border, on a day when the western Ukrainian city of Lviv was hit.

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