TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 267 of Putin’s War. Clearly, if Russia can’t conquer Ukraine, Putin wants to annihilate Ukrainians.

More missile barrages fell on Ukrainian cities. Kyiv has a missile defense system that is working. Power, energy facilities , municipalities are Putin’s targets.

Combat is occurring in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. There is no further information on Kherson. The grain deal has been reinstated and a million more tons of grains and fertilizer will have safe passage through the Black Sea.

The recently convened G20 has a mechanism to avert War by a single player in the future. Perhaps they should engage it now? Our future is being determined by Putin and it’s not one the World has chosen.

Russia appears to be carrying out another mass strike on Ukraine this morning. Strikes on critical infrastructure in Odesa and Dnipro have been confirmed by the presidential administration and the respective regional heads.

The top US general said Ukraine’s chances of any near-term, outright military victory are not high, cautioning that Russia still has significant combat power inside Ukraine despite suffering battlefield setbacks.

An agreement was reached in Istanbul to prolong the Black Sea grain initiative for a further 120 days, enabling Russian and Ukrainian wheat and fertilisers to be exported through the Black Sea and to avert a global food crisis.

The UK Ministry of Defence said the barrage of missiles that struck Ukraine on Tuesday is likely the largest number of strikes that Russia has conducted in a single day since the first week of its invasion.

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