TheVoiceOfJoyce In 4 hours reporting on Ukraine has changed. Putin would like a temporary truce and has been rebuffed. Now is not the time for a truce. A ceasefire and withdrawal of all Russian troops!

Day 269, continued support from Asian States, UK minister arrives in Kyiv. Fighting continues in Donetsk, with the Russians preparing for all out warfare.

Erdogan must be very sure of his friendship with Russia and Putin or his gas hub, might be considered Russian territory one day?

Finland intends to have a non permeable border with Russia. Unfortunately, many people have been ” disappeared” from Kherson. Tortured, murdered, or both.

A false video is circulating showing 10 Russian POW’s on the ground as one Russian lifts a rifle to fire on the Ukrainians. You can’t be too careful around Russian nationalists. Though one Russian soldier has visibly defected to a NATO country, disgusted with Putin’s War in Ukraine.

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