TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin’s brutal war continues with Putin using old nuclear warheads without the nuclear component. It concerns me that they’re preparing to leave the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. What have they taken and why leave now?

Fierce fighting is continuing in the Southern Donetsk region and Russians are taking heavy losses.

Shelling of Kherson continues, civilians are dying and many survivors are fleeing the region.

Navalny fears for his life. He’s been in solitary and not even his attorneys can determine if he’s ok physically.

Putin’s shelling will continue as long as he has the superiority of missile power? Meanwhile, Zelensky’s counteroffensive is working and Putin’s troops have relinquished many of their strategic strongholds in their sham annexed regions. If these regions were worth fighting for, why shell them now? The Ukrainians never wanted to be annexed to Russia. They have a Ukrainian Nationality and Identity. Perhaps when Peace comes, the 4 million Ukrainians, deported to Russia, can return?

There are signs that Russian forces might be preparing to leave the occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the head of Ukraine’s state-run nuclear energy firm has said. “In recent weeks we are effectively receiving information that signs have appeared that they are possibly preparing to leave the (plant),” Petro Kotin, head of Energoatom, said on national television on Sunday. “One gets the impression they’re packing their bags and stealing everything they can,” he added. Russia seized the plant in March and repeated shelling around the site has spurred fears of a nuclear catastrophe.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, claims Russia is planning to launch new missile attacks on his country, warning defence forces and citizens to prepare for the strikes. “We understand that terrorists are preparing new strikes. We know that for sure. And as long as they have missiles, they won’t stop, unfortunately,” he said in his Sunday evening address.

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