TheVoiceOfJoyce Railroad workers are asking for basic rights to do their jobs. Why are those rights denied? What are 4 Unions asking?

4 Unions want better working conditions. They’re understaffed and over worked with out advanced scheduling. They want a schedule and 15 days of paid sick leave. Sounds fair.

If one Union doesn’t agree to management terms , all 12 Unions strike in solidarity. Why should Congress intervene? Why doesn’t the NLRB have the power to force Corporations to this reasonable settlement?

How many people in the Workforce feel unseen, over worked with no say in your working conditions? Perhaps Labor’s silent majority should walk out in Solidarity? Everyone worker should hope the 4 Unions are successful, they’re negotiating for your Rights, too! 💪🏼

What railroad workers are standing up for is a better quality of life, to get the respect that they deserve, and the benefits that they deserve and have earned. Sick time, reasonable time off to rest when the majority of the railroad workforce works on call 24/7 365 days a year,” Parker said.

“With the increased demands that the railroads have put on with their personnel cuts and with these draconian attendance policies, railroaders are not given sufficient time off to rest, to recoup, to recover from illness or to spend time with their families,” he added. “That’s what they’re looking for. The failure to address that could have a profound effect in the future on the ability for railroads to hire and maintain workers.”

Jeff Kurtz, a locomotive engineer in Iowa for more than 40 years, severely criticized the Biden administration’s tentative agreement. “It’s not just about paid time off, it’s about time off period,” said Kurtz, who has now retired. “Basically what the carriers, and now it looks like what Congress is going to say too, is you are pretty well tied to your job for the rest of your life.”

In the railroad agreement, workers were provided with one paid day off and the ability to schedule three doctor appointments annually without being penalized, but Kurtz noted the parameters and restrictions make it nearly impossible to use the time off and provide employers with even greater interference and control over their workers’ healthcare. Workers had sought 15 paid days off in the contract.

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