TheVoiceOfJoyce TikTok has responded to Australian concerns about videos promoting sun tanning, those # are now removed and a targeted campaign to avid sunburn and tanning are replacing videos aimed at the 20-39 yr olds. Melanoma is prevalent and a health risk in Australia. Over 17,000 young people get skin cancers, TikTok is helping Physicians promote sun safety and education about Melanoma’s.

In response to the backlash, TikTok has announced a widespread education campaign that will impose a pop-up banner for an anti-tanning content – and for all searches around tanning, summer and sunburn.

The campaign, targeting people between 20 and 39, will also remove “concerning content” related to “dangerous” tanning activities, including the popular #sunburnchallenge hashtag, which has more than 8.4m views worldwide.

The TikTok trend encourages users to post videos of their most painful, blistering sunburns, “awkward tan-lines” and peeling skin for dramatic effect, with tips on reducing the severity of a burn.

TikTok’s general manager in Australia and New Zealand, Lee Hunter, said the platform would encourage user-generated content about sun safety and the dangers of melanoma among young people.

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