TheVoiceOfJoyce In order to survive harsh climate conditions and Wars effecting wheat production , scientists have been experimenting with the preservation of Wheat.

Lebanon has an excellent agricultural university and worked injunction with Middle Eastern farmers to develop Durum Wheat. It will be commercially available in Morocco next year.

Durum wheat will become the mainstay of the community. It can be used to make pasta, pizza, pitta, puff pastry and bread.

This new wheat (Jamal) is a cross between wild wheat and wheat grown in arid Syria. The Crop Trust worked with farmers in its development and they’re continuing their work in new product development and other essential food products. Breeder farms are supplying the grain stocks for commercial distribution.

Durum wheat is used to make pasta, pizza crusts, and flatbreads such as pitta and chapatis, as well as for couscous, bulgur and pastry for desserts such as baklava.

The new wheat Jabal, which means “mountain” in Arabic, was developed by farmers and crop scientists by crossing a commercial durum wheat with a wild relative from an arid region of Syria, to create a new durum variety which can withstand drought.

Our food system isn’t ready for the climate crisis

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It’s part of the Crop Trust’s wild relatives project, which is using genetically diverse crop varieties to help develop more resilient and adaptive varieties of wheat, barley, rice, and potato that can withstand erratic and extreme weather conditions caused by the climate breakdown.

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