TheVoiceOfJoyce The warnings are back. If you don’t want Covid, stay away from mass gatherings and mask up. Vaccinate as well. Kids are getting Flu, RSV in schools. The masks are being recommended once again along with Vaccines for your child’s safety. Reported cases of Covid have climbed to 65,000 and deaths are averaging 230 people per week. Over 1, 084, 000 have perished with Covid. If you’re vaccinated, unless you’re elderly, you won’t die.

Masking can feel like a thing of the past in the US, even in cities such as New York and Los Angeles that once embraced the precaution. But as healthcare facilities grapple with a “tripledemic” of respiratory viruses – with Covid, flu and RSV surging simultaneously – experts are once again urging the public to don face coverings.

“I would not go into a grocery store without a mask,” says John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases and vaccinology at the University of California, Berkeley. “I wouldn’t go into rapid transit without a mask. I wouldn’t go into an airplane or be in an airport without a mask,” nor would he attend a crowded outdoor event such as a concert without one, Swartzberg says.

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