TheVoiceOfJoyce Today’s Ukrainian counteroffensive was the most effective for the Southern territories. Himar missiles destroyed a key garrison in Melitopol. If This city and Mariupol fall, the Ukrainians have a clear path to recapture the Crimea. These aggressive moves were directly related to the destruction of Odesa’s infrastructure. 1.5 million people will be without power for days. There is no quick fix. With increased rocket power, the Ukrainian forces are quite capable of achieving land and air superiority. Personally, I wish them success, leading to a Russian ceasefire ,withdrawal and peace.

Video footage posted on social media showed what was claimed to be a Russian barracks in the southern city engulfed in a fierce blaze with some claiming the site was being used by the Wagner mercenary group.

Another video showed rescue workers in the ruins with several bodies visible.

The site, a former resort and hotel complex next to a church in the city known as the Hunter’s Halt, was being used as a barracks with most of the casualties apparently in a mess hall when it was hit.

The strike on Melitopol – reportedly with Himars rockets – was one of several overnight on Russian bases. Explosions were also reported overnight in the Russian occupied Crimea including Sevastopol and Simferopol.

In the ‘Bakhmut meat grinder’, deadlocked enemy forces slog it out

The strike on Melitopol came as all non-critical infrastructure in the Ukrainian port of Odesa was without power after Russia used Iranian-made drones on Saturday to hit two energy facilities, leaving 1.5 million people cut off from electricity.

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